The traps of continuous research

Webinar by Airtime
Nikki Anderson-Stanier
37 minutes
Date & time
October 18, 2023
2:00 am
2:00 am
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About the webinar

Talking to customers regularly is difficult. For instance, there are 1000 ways we can influence customers during interviews to give us answers we want to hear as opposed to their true opinions. To learn how to avoid traps in continuous research, I sat down with Nikki Andreson-Stanier. Nikki, founder of User Research Academy & ex-Zalando research lead, has taught hundreds of researchers and written over 250 articles. We're in good hands to introduce or level up our continuous research practice.

Key learnings

You'll be able to identify if you are heading towards one of the typical continuous research traps. You'll also get a guideline how to avoid them and how to come up with unbiased questions.


  1. Major traps of continuous research
  2. Strategies to avoid traps
  3. Deep-dive into writing unbiased questions
  4. Q&A


Nikki Anderson-Stanier

Founder of User Research Academy

Nikki is the founder of User Research Academy, where she has built an amazing community of researchers. She teaches courses for both research novices and skippers that boost their research skillsets. Beforehand, she acted as a researcher lead at companies like Zalando running all types of research projects as well as improved the practices for doing research.


Akos Kiss-Dozsai

Co-Founder & CEO at Airtime

I'm a product builder, I took to market +5 products between 2015-2020. I developed product concepts and validated them through research. I was also responsible for structuring and market entry working with large teams. Since 2020, I'm the co-founder & CEO of Airtime.