Want to scale your user research?

Build a deeper connection with users and create amazing products by adopting continuous research and involving the product team.

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Set up an agile research process in 2 hours with Airtime.

User Researchers

  • Pain free session scheduling: Get rid of the manual tasks with our fully automatic session scheduling.
  • Better research output: Bring the product team for their expert viewpoints and develop deeper insights together.
  • Credible insights: Seeing is believing. Product teams will have better understanding of user needs when directly exposed to them.

Product Executives

  • Effective research: Directly exposing the product team to users is the least expensive and most impactful approach to user research.
  • Understand research ROI: Measure the value of user exposure on product development.
  • 360 view of customer centricity: Understand how teams engage with users across the organization and discover blind spots.

How it works

Hassle-free session scheduling

Automatically manage calendar invitations, gather consent, segment and brief participants.

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Watch your
calendar organize

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A research calendar for the entire team

Airtime’s internal research calendar lets anyone interested in talking to users join ongoing research.

  • Automatically publish new user sessions on different channels.
  • Stay GDPR compliant by protecting personal information.
  • Brief the product team automatically to get the most out of your sessions.
Airtime app dashboard and impact survey features

Tools to measure the value-add of research

Understand how user exposure improves the success of your products.

  • Track how your product team develops their understanding of users over time.
  • Discover blind spots and research needs
  • Improve customer centricity using Airtime’s Impact Score

Join our beta community!

Your perks: We support you setting up a continuous research practice, free of charge use of Airtime as well as sharing of best practices within an elite group of user researchers & product managers.

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