How to run high engagement surveys

Webinar by Airtime
Dr. Bryan Rill
48 minutes
Date & time
February 6, 2024
1:00 am
1:00 am
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About the webinar

It's easy to send out a survey to a bunch of customers. But as the stardust settles, you notice: people are fed up with yet another survey and the responses you did get actually take too much time to synthesize. Are surveys dead? No, but it's too easy get them wrong.

To uncover when and how to run surveys successfully, I talked to Bryan Rill who holds a PhD in anthropology and has over 20 years of research experience with startups as well as established companies. We investigated when surveys are the right choice to get customer feedback, how to run them without a research pro on the team and what are the common pitfalls that will lead to low engagement.

Key learnings

You'll know when to run surveys and will get practical, operational tips that will help you get sufficient and valuable responses.


  1. Situations when you should use a survey - and when you shouldn't
  2. Common mistakes in running surveys
  3. Measures to increase engagement & response quality
  4. Ideal frequency of surveys
  5. Q&A


Dr. Bryan Rill

Founder at Rill Insights

Bryan is the founder of Rill Insights, a product research & design agency located in California. He has established and scaled user research practices in numeroius companies, small and large. He infuses his deep on-the-ground experience with academia teaching prototyping & design at UC San Diego.


Akos Kiss-Dozsai

Co-Founder & CEO at Airtime

I'm a product builder, I took to market +5 products between 2015-2020. I developed product concepts and validated them through research. I was also responsible for structuring and market entry working with large teams. Since 2020, I'm the co-founder & CEO of Airtime.