How to build successful products

Webinar by Airtime
Sam McAfee
42 minutes
Date & time
November 28, 2023
1:00 am
1:00 am
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About the webinar

How to ship new products faster? What can we learn from how successful products are built? To dig into how to build successful products, I'm sitting down with Sam McAfee, Silicon Valley veteran building and scaling digital products for over 20 years. Sam is perfectly positioned spot recurring patterns in how successful products are built - or which ones will likely flop. He worked with companies such as Adobe or Unilever as well as published a book called "Startup Patterns".

Key learnings

Sam will share a bunch of practical tips that you can implement straight away in your product building process.


  1. Key learnings how successful products are built
  2. Indicators of failure for new products
  3. Techniques to ship new products faster
  4. Q&A


Sam McAfee

Founder & Managing Director@ Startup Patterns

As a Silicon Valley veteran of 20 years, Sam has helped many companies build and scale new digital products, find product-market fit, and build and improve product development capabilities. He and his team work with product executives and teams to build strong leadership and execution skills, through a focus on mindfulness, team autonomy, and social impact.


Akos Kiss-Dozsai

Co-Founder & CEO at Airtime

I'm a product builder, I took to market +5 products between 2015-2020. I developed product concepts and validated them through research. I was also responsible for structuring and market entry working with large teams. Since 2020, I'm the co-founder & CEO of Airtime.